What Is PTC (Performance Training Centre)

We are the alternative; a true Strength and Conditioning Gym. At PTC Sydney we have specialist coaches who train you to perform. PTC Sydney has customised programs uniquely designed for males and females from the teenage years through to retired athletes and seniors, covering:

  • Functional Fitness
  • Athlete Development (from beginner through to professional)
  • Master Class Athletes
  • Emergency Services and the Defence Forces (entry preparation and ongoing requirements)
  • Injury Prevention; and
  • Rehabilitation

The programs and training methods at PTC Sydney are a culmination of the most effective practices in Europe, China and the USA. Similar to what these countries use for their High school, College and Professional Development Pathways programs.

If you have the passion, drive and motivation to be the best, or to be a top lifter in your sport or even just to achieve your goal, this gym is recommended for you. This is not what we're saying but what our customers say; from beginners to the strongest lifters here.


Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility,
Speed, Agility & CONDITIONING!


...become Stronger, Fitter and Faster

The PTC Sydney experience is about our commitment to your performance. We partner with you to maximize your performance with personal coaching and guidance to suit your goals.


  • You will receive an integrated strength and conditioning training program to fit your needs.
  • Be coached in effective speed and agility training techniques to improve quickness.
  • Learn safe strength and power training exercises to maximize explosiveness, stability, and overall athleticism.
  • Gain knowledge of managing muscle balance, mobility and flexibility to minimize the risk of non-contact related injuries.
  • Core strength training.
  • Understanding Nutrition to help optimize benefits of training.
  • Long term athlete development focus
    – to help longevity in sport.