Member of the week - Jasmine O'Donoghue

Name: Jasmine O'Donoghue

Age: 19

Where are you from: Dundas

What is your occupation: Communications student and part time swimming teacher

Do you like Kebabs: Chicken, beef, give me the lot!

What were your lifts when you started: Struggled to squat bodyweight (not to mention my terrible form), could just bench the bar for one rep and didn’t have a clue how to deadlift (probably 40kg with bad form)

What are your lifts now (Squat, Bench and Deadlift): Squat: 30kg (for 5), bench: 30 , deadlift: 55kg

Do you compete in lifting: Nope, got a bit of work to do before that!

What is the most important thing you have learnt at PTC: A LOT, and I mean a LOT about how to achieve my goals, how to lift properly and the role nutrition plays in it all.

Why do you train at PTC:
Since I was 11 I’ve had lymphedema in one of my legs from an operation. It meant that any exercise which resulted in an increased flow of fluid to my leg (so pretty much everything except swimming) would result in my leg swelling, and my condition worsening. In January I was swimming 2-3km, up to 4 times a week, trying to eat “well” and still gaining fat. My brother urged me to check out PTC. I was pretty hesitant at first, having gone to the likes of fitness first and Vince and Roz’ and each time found my leg swelled up, as I’d float around doing exercises and using machines I had no idea how to use. So I started trying to do some body squats at home to test it out. I found no difference in my leg so came along one night.
When I came along I discovered much to my surprise (and the surprise of my physio), that lifting was actually GOOD for my leg.
About 6 months along and my leg is smaller than it’s been in years, I’m FINALLY able to push myself and see results when previously I was struggling to simply maintain health. I also enjoy heckling Trent. I mostly come just to heckle Trent.

How many curls can you do: One more than Trent.

Where did you train before PTC: With all the 70+ year olds at Ryde-Eastwood pool.

Why did you change from your previous gym: I got bored of watching a black line on the bottom of a pool…

Can you briefly describe your average daily meals: I’m on keto atm and it changes depending on what’s in the fridge but typically:
Breakfast: eggs and tomato
Snack: Cheese and fruit – probably strawberries
Lunch: Some sort of protein – I’ve been having a lot of steak salads, but different variations.

Snack: some more fruit – raspberries, sometimes yogurt or if I’m running low on time a protein shake.
Dinner: Whatever’s on the table…my fave is chicken breast with cream cheese and avocado.

What do you do outside of PTC: Be a lazy uni student with other lazy uni students.

What are your lifting goals: Lift my squat so I’m no longer a “bro”.

If you didn’t spend all your time at PTC what would you would be doing: Taking naps and wondering why swimming wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Name one thing you would add/subtract/change about PTC: That damn lolly jar! Or all those food-nights some of us have to avoid! Oh and more 0.5-2kg weights would be nice, for us who are excited by increasing weights each visit (even by a tiny bit).

Trents notes
Jasmine religously never misses a workout unless she is sick and does what i ask of her.
He leg condition has improved after lifting and i cannot say enough about how good it makes u feel to have helped in improving somebody elses life.

John SheridanComment