You have no mirrors at PTC?

The first thing a lot of new members who join PTC from a commercial gym think is “where are the mirrors”? Apart from the toilets on top of the wash basin, we don't have any.

How am I to check my technique?
This is just a ridiculous question if you think about it. When you're benching and about to rep a hard set, do you turn to the side to look at the mirror to see your technique? I am sure if you tried this you would quickly end up with a neck strain or worse.
What about Squats/Deadlifts?  The same thing applies here. You are generally looking straight in both exercises not sideways to check your depth/hip height.

How do I train without mirrors?
1. We all have smart phones now with fancy cameras which can record ourselves in an instant. This might take some playing around with to find the right placement for the camera but it will be worth your time.
2. Place the camera at a 30-45 degree angle from your lifting position (see picture attached below). This ensures optimal scrutiny later on.

3. Ask a knowledgeable training partner to look over your lifts to see any flaws. Warning - When training at a commercial gym; most people do not squat or bench at all. Some can’t even perform the bench properly (unless u call a 2 inch ROM on the bar proper). Look back to point one above if you can’t find a knowledgeable training partner. Also; unless you have seen them lift it beforehand, avoid some personal trainers as most don’t squat below parallel or deadlift.

What to do if you are surrounded by mirrors?
1. Stick a piece of paper on the mirror where your focal point is.
Raymond, who trains at PTC once a week (due to living far away) usually trains at a health club which is full of mirrors and people on treadmills watching themselves use a stair master. WTF do you need to watch yourself on a stair-master or treadmill for? You have to be retarded to get that wrong. (oops i'm ranting again).
He usually sticks a large piece of paper in front of the mirror when he is squatting so he can concentrate.
He has been warned against doing this by the supervisor even after he explained why (As I said ignorant).
2. Try and visualize yourself looking straight through the mirror and into the next room for example. This will take some time to get used to.

Personally after having trained with mirrors for over 15 years in commercial gyms and now 2 years without. My progress has been better as a lifter without them. I quickly developed a feeling on how my body moves through space (Also known as kinesthetic sense).

Some people reading this would mention mirrors are catered for the bodybuilders who need to see the “pump” when they train and flex halfway through in their string singlets.
I used to do this when I started out. But you’re a product of the culture these gyms produce because you don’t know any better.
If u wanted to see changes in your body just take pics and measurements once a week as the best indication.

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 Angle of camera

Angle of camera

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