Shin scraping from the deadlift

We regularly have new members at PTC who leave a bit of skin on the bar when deadlifting. Some people find having scars on their legs appealing (males think it’s a badge of honor).
Most females find it not so attractive if they are training to build strong/muscular and lean legs.

Tips on eliminating shin scrapes.

1. Wear long pants. If it's not too hot use a pair of old, long training pants then switch back to shorts afterwards for the other exercises. Some of the members wear skins which can also be used. Try not to use any rough material as this could roll up your legs with the bar as you pull.
2.  Bad technique.
Some people sub-consciously try and avoid the scraping of the shins by setting up the bar too far from the body (this also leads to lower back rounding) which puts your ankles on too much of an angle and the shins will get smashed as you start the pull.

3. Wear Long Socks. Cheap long footy socks will do the trick. NB: if you’re going to compete, try and buy socks which meet the powerlifting federation standards.

4. Use Duct Tape. Tape your shins with duct tape running vertically upwards. Duct tape won’t hurt as much to remove if you apply some water to it afterwards.

5. Old newspaper. If you're a tight-arse just cut a newspaper to the same size as your shins and put it in your socks.

It may all sound like common sense but without these tips, the amount of new members to the gym who learn the lift and will bleed is extremely high. Females in general should do one of the above to avoid any scars on their legs.

PTC Sydney

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