member of the week - Catherine Chun

Age: 27

Where are you from: Lidcombe

What is your usual occupation: Life Insurance Case Manager

Do you like kebabs?: Wish I didn’t L

What were your lifts before PTC?: Squat: 35ish, Bench: O – Couldn’t even lift the bar, Dead lift: 40ish

What are your lifts now?: Squat: 3x 70, Bench: 5 x 37 before I stopped due to shoulder injury, Dead lift: 3x 85

Do you compete in lifting?: No No

What is the most important thing you have learnt at PTC?: Lifting DOES help with weight loss and GIRLS do not bulk up like boys, sure so many girls don’t lift because of this fear

Why do you train at PTC?: Lifting equipments, variety of conditioning options and its environment

How many curls can you do?: More than Trent!

Where did you train before?: Fitness First, Vince and Roz then Home (treadmill, light dumb bells, cycling machine, trialling different DVDs)

Why did you change from your previous gym?: No improvements, boring, didn’t like the environment at ALL

Can you briefly describe your average daily meals?: Well, I am trying out the intermittent fasting program at the moment. So only eat between 12.30 – 8.30. During this 8 hours, I’ll have rice with meat stuff for lunch, almonds and fruits for snacks and some carbs with meat for dinner. Rest of my awake time, I’ll be just drinking water, tea and long black.

What do you do outside PTC?: Just chillaxing

What are your goals?: Tight 6, comfortable 8 with a toned body hahahaha  

If you didn’t spend all your time at PTC, you would be: Probably still running on treadmill and going crazy on cycling bikes

Name one thing you would add/subtract/change about PTC: At least one full length mirror please j/k

John SheridanComment