PTC Member of the week - Owen Brown

Age: 34

Where are you from:

What is your occupation: Business Owner

Do you like Kebabs: Yes. Chicken with the lot

What were your lifts when you started: Squat: 120kg. Bench: 100kg. Deadlift 140

What are your lifts now (Squat, Bench and Deadlift): Squat: 170kg. Bench: 130kg. Deadlift: 200kg.

Do you compete in lifting: Not Yet.

What is the most important thing you have learnt at PTC: Correct form/mobility/injury prevention and how to program my training.

Why do you train at PTC: Supportive atmosphere and the invaluable coaching provided.

How many curls can you do: Don’t do bro curls

Where did you train before PTC: VR fitness at west ryde

Why did you change from your previous gym: Goals weren’t aligned and wasn’t getting results.

Can you briefly describe your average daily meals:
breakfast – 5 eggs/tin of tuna and avocado oil on top
lunch – Chicken salad
snacks – Almonds
Dinner – Steak and veges

Carbs once every Monday week.

What do you do outside of PTC: Work and spend time with my children. Currently single lol..

What are your goals: Drop bodyfat but also increase strength with lifts of 250/180/300

If you didn’t spend all your time at PTC, you would be: Working and long walks on the beach.

Name one thing you would add/subtract/change about PTC: Nothing

John SheridanComment