Member of the week - Jono Chu

Name: Jono Chu

Age: 22

Where are you from: Sydney BORN AND RAISED

What is your occupation: I am a student and currently working at the Sydney Apple Store

Do you like Kebabs: Yes, double meat always!

What were your lifts when you started:

Squat: 40 kg with a box

Bench: 60 kg (body building, flared elbow style)

Deadlift: 75 kg (with shaky legs)

These are all 1 RM

What are your lifts now (Squat, Bench and Deadlift):

At the Redemption comp:

Squat: 147.5 kg

Bench: 90 kg

Deadlift: 180 kg

Do you compete in lifting:

Started this year and hope to continue doing so in the many years ahead of me

What is the most important thing you have learnt at PTC:

commitment is the single most important thing to achieving your goals. You can be motivated initially or have a passion but without committing yourself fully to the task at hand you will never succeed

Why do you train at PTC:

It has one of the best environments ever. Everyone in the gym is ready to support you and help you a long on your quest for strength. Also, the trainers come into the gym with a no bullshit approach that gets you strong. In less than a year I have achieved more than what most can achieve in their whole time at the gym. Moreover, the standard is high and it pushes your boundaries and limits. Finally, we always joke around and eat lots of FOOOOOOD

How many curls can you do:

1200, focussing on maximum time under tension to get those biceps peaking like everest and yes, for safety, I have a spotter.... Adam Roe

Where did you train before PTC:

fit n fast for 1 month

Why did you change from your previous gym:

I wanted to be stronger, so I found a place with strong people. Also in retrospect, looking back the squat rack didn’t have adjustable safeties so I couldnt even go below parallel. And there was only one rack.

Can you briefly describe your average daily meals:

3-4 eggs or protein shake

meat (sometimes with vegies)

meat and rice

protein shake

whatever my mum cooks (usually rice and meat)

What do you do outside of PTC:


What are your goals:

My long term goals are: Get strong and never stop getting strong

short term goals: easily ‘rep out’ my max weights (as stated above)

If you didn’t spend all your time at PTC, you would be:

I honestly don’t know... probably another gym doing the same bro work outs and half squats

Name one thing you would add/subtract/change about PTC:

More black ABC bars and replace some of the chrome ones

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