Ketogenic diet

Keto is a good 6-8 week diet to shed some unwanted fat over leading into summer. By no means do I endorse this diet as a long term thing. There are much better diets if u intend to do this over the long run which I will blog about later on.

If your 20% bodyfat for example and want to at least look decent at the beach with 14% BF this diet might be for you.

What is your LBM?
Without doing a dexa scan which is the best form of determining your body composition. LBM is usually your current bodyweight minus your BF%. (note - this is not an accurate method as you might have a massive toe which throws out the numbers). Also if can find a trainer who can do a 7 point caliper bodyfat test that should be good enough.

Ive found this formula works in guessing your LBM to a degree.

Lean Body Weight (men) = (1.10 x Weight(kg)) - 128 x ( Weight^2/(100 x Height(m))2)
Lean Body Weight (women) = (1.07 x Weight(kg)) - 148 x ( Weight^2/(100 x Height(m))2)

keto/low carb diet

Breakdown -

Protien (g) = LBM (in pounds) x 1.6
Fat (g) = LBM (in pounds) x 0.6
Carbs (g) = Less than 50g (i do 50 as sometimes u have to eat out and its like playing russian roullete. Being on a diet doesnt mean u have to give up a social life)

Example a person with 75kg LBM person would be
Protien = 264g
Fats = 100g
Carbs = 50g
Total calories = 2156 cal

Meal plan -If u want to eat 4 meals then divide those macros by 4. If the client feels like eating 5 then divide by 5 etc.

Water - Minimum 30ml/kg bodyweight (100kg = 3L water) more the better.
Veges - Use these to make up the carbs. Cooked broccoli is 2g carbs for every 28g for example.
Meat -Any meats is fine. bacon is also fine.
Spices - Stay away from anything with sugar. Use salt/pepper/garlic salt/mustard/sugar free soy
Carbs - Get these from nuts and veges.

Kicking off the KETO

Weeks 1 and 2 = Low carbs for 14 days
(I usually have my clients start on a monday)
On a sunday recarb*)

Weeks 3 onwards = Monday till saturday is no carbs. Sunday is carb up day*

*How much carbs u eat during your refeed depends on your %BF. If your over 15-20% BF and over then only one meal of 1g/1kg bw is fine)
** If your 10-15% BF are u can afford up to 3 meals of 1g/1kg per meal refeed eevry 7th day.
*** If your under 10% then u can refeed every 5 days.

What to expect?
Around 500-800g weight loss a week is fine. Anything over and your most likely eating into muscle.
Weeks 1-2 u will usually lose 2-2.5kg. Then 0.5-0.8kg every week after till u hit the really low BF% then it slows down somewhat.

What happens when I hit my % BF?

I would switch over to a normal ratio of Carbs/Protiens and fats something like 50/45/5. Expect an initial 1-2kg bodyweight bounce back up before everything settles down again.  Then switch over to something like my lean maintenance guide or IIFYM (If it fits your macros diet).

What happens with my strength?
Strength wise I have found there wasn’t any decrease over that period with most of my members if they hit their macro numbers. Some of the female members actually increased their lifts while on it.

PTC Sydney

If your dieting and not lifting/resistance training. You might as well not diet at all.

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