Training while on holidays

It is that time of year again and the old questions arises from my members whom train really hard during the year but dread time off.

1.       I am going on holidays for 2-3 weeks and do not want to lose any strength are there any exercises u can give me?
2.       How much strength will I lose?
3.       How long does it take to get my strength back if do?
4.       Will my muscles turn to fat since I am not training?

I can understand the sentiment by some new people that the hard work during the year could turn pear shaped over the festive season holidays. The first few years of my training life I would dread holidays as I falsely believed that I would go catabolic and lose strength due to not training.  This ruined my holidays as most of it was centered on training and finding a gym NOT having fun and relaxing as u should.

If your training has been consistent why not use the holiday as a deload period instead.
This way after 2 weeks your body actually will come back STRONGER due to super compensation. Which is the reverse of what most people think?

Most holidays away usually involve lot of lying around and plenty of junk food and alcohol. This leads to you putting on the kilos due to the excess calories hence the bro-science of muscle turning to fat due to not training while on holidays.

The myth of losing muscle and it being converted to fat is untrue due to the fact both are 2 different tissues just like sand turning into gold - it just won’t happen

While on holidays worry about your calorie intake and not so much you’re training

Happy holidays
PTC Sydney

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