PTC Sydney - Tough Mudder team 2012


Saturday is the day (22/09/12); hundreds of people across NSW will compete in the Tough Mudder tournament. PTC Sydney are entering our own team, keep an eye out for them on the course. We have worked long and hard for this in the gym coaching strength, conditioning and preparing mentally.

If you don’t know what Tough Mudder is, let me explain it to you. As the website says, it’s a “hardcore 18-20 km obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie”. Needless to say, this is right up PTC’s alley.

Basically, you have to run through the wilderness to different obstacles that have been set up for you to overcome, they can be a high wall to climb, nets to crawl under, uphill log carries, these crazy wires hanging down too low so you can’t avoid them and continually get shocked, giant rope climbs or a stretch of red hot coals still on fire for you to get through. There is even a mystery obstacle or two that we don’t know what the hell they’ll be.

We here at PTC Sydney are big fans of Tough Mudder because you have to be one strong SOB to finish. Another reason we like it, is that Tough Mudder declares itself as an obstacle course not a race. This isn’t some pansy high school event where you do it “for reps” or “for time”, glory hogs and egos aren’t welcome. This is about facing your fears and some bad arse obstacles with your mates, working together and overcoming them to then go for some celebratory beers and eat meat with every other tough mudder in attendance.

Here are the members from PTC Sydney entering Tough Mudder:

1. Hai Phan
2. Manuael Hurtado
3. Owen Brown
4. Chris Naumovski
5. yuri -Vincent Magpayo
6. Jonathan Chu
7. Steven Viet Nguyen
8. Robert Dinh
9. Anna Le

If you want to keep up with any of the action or keep an eye out for future events, check out their website:

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