This week another lifter at the gym moved into intermediate lifting status.

What’s considered an intermediate lifter you ask?  Well it’s basically a Squat/Bench/Deadlift of 140kg/100kg/180kg x1.
These numbers are easily obtainable in less than a year regardless of bodyweight. I have a gym full of members whom have obtained these figures in less than 3 months.

Jono from the gym mentioned to me about how a guy he knows who was still trying to hit these numbers after a year in a different gym. I find this hard to believe. But then again they don’t all train at PTC’s across the country.
Jono has managed to hit these numbers in less than 6 months after never lifting prior in his life.
His initial lifts were 50/40/90 when he joined. Now they are around 140/90/180 as of the recent novice power-lifting competition.
Along the way also putting on 15kg (65kg-80kg) to his skinny frame

A few people would think roids/PEDS? I highly doubt this as he is a student and struggling making ends meet. Forking out hundreds of dollars for PED’s and then eating baked beans/canned tuna for months doesn’t make sense.

What gives u ask?

Consistency and effort

which comprises of:
1. Training – Never missing a workout and always trying to hit the numbers set out for them with 110% effort. Going to the gym and doing 14 sets of bicep curls on a machine then hitting the treadmill for 10min is NOT training.
2. Nutrition – Lift big/Eat big OR If u want to lose weight lower your calories while still lifting.
3. Recovery – So many people with stressful jobs lose out with this. 
Having anything under 6 hours (8 is highly recommended) a night will stagnate your progress if not regress it. This is one of the factors which a lot of my members with a family and stressful lives find hard to change. I believe you just have to make time and get to bed EARLY!!

It shouldn’t sound like brain surgery. Yet humans in this day and age will always try to find an excuse about their fitness goals and are generally the ones whom have joined a 24/7 gym.
You will find most still look/feel the same way they did 3-4 years ago.

stop making excuses.


John SheridanComment