Deadlift – To bounce or Not?

Every once in a while a new member to ptc would join and do deadlifts with a bounce at the bottom without letting the weight completely stop. There has been some debate on when and if this type of technique should be used in deadlifts.

Here we weigh out the pros and cons of bouncing the deadlift.

The pros:

1. Bouncing the weight off the floor can increase your Deadlift by overloading the top portion which is often a sticky point.
2. It also develops the stretch reflex or power from the floor*

The biggest deadlifter in the world Benedikt Magnusson bounces his reps as seen below.

The Cons :

1. It is harder to keep proper deadlift technique with each rep which could cause u to move out of position and injure yourself via back rounding.
2. Relevant muscles that are used are not put under enough muscle tension and tightness would be an issue especially if you are a beginner.

My personal views:
I am not against it but it is to be used an aid in overcoming sticking points or plateaus.
If you are a beginner and still new to the deadlift or have piss poor form then stay away from the bounce.
Practice setting up each rep as your supposed to and treat every rep with respect and rest at least 1 sec between reps.
Otherwise if you are a more experienced lifter then throw these in as an aid.

*Fred hatfield: "Power: A Scientific Approach"

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