How far would u travel to train?

Jacob signed up to the gym two weeks ago and he mentioned that he drives 60 minutes each way from his home in the northern beaches, twice a week, to train.  He must pass through countless other, cheaper, gyms on the way to train at PTC.

I have always wondered how many of the 100+ members who train here averaged in actual travel time. After looking into it, here is what I came up with. All distances/times are one way.

Shortest Distance : 1.5km
Shortest time: 5min

Furthest Distance: 60km
Furthest time: 72 min

Average Distance based off 100 members: 10km
Average Time based off 100 members:  19 min

These are all times based on off-peak hour traffic.

Attached is a geographical map of members suburbs relative to the gym (Green PIN).

When i opened up PTC Sydney and spoke to the man who pioneered PTC, Markos from PTC Frankston. He told me people would travel over 15-20 minutes to train at his gym regularly 3 times a week.

I was a bit skeptical at first. Why would people travel so far when there are literally dozens of commercial gyms popping up everywhere in each suburb? Especially when most offer prices that are less than a quarter of what PTC charges.

"Positive atmosphere"  was the overwhelming response from members. 

The right training facility is about more than just space and equipment. It's about the attitude of those around you, and the achievements that attitude makes  possible.

Trent Nguyen
PTC Sydney

 Map of Suburbs that ptc members reside relative to PTC Sydney.

Map of Suburbs that ptc members reside relative to PTC Sydney.

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