Strength training and how it impacts your life.

Every week new members join PTC. Some are young and awkward being all of 17-18 years old. Some are over 40 with kids wife and mortgage.

Rocky for example who joined recently just finished school and and was about to enter first year of Tafe very soon. He had no real plans in terms of work or a stable job.
He came in with his mum to join and she said “Trent please help my son be more physically active as all he wants to do now is sit at home and play games” .
Rocky was but a shy introverted 17 year old kid whom didn’t speak much during the initial greet phase at the gym which was understandable.
It way too easy for us as humans to choose the easy out when life doesn’t seem to interest you.
Some will turn to drugs/alcohol/gambling etc as their choice to escape reality without actually facing the reason why they are turning to these solutions.

Here are 7 reasons why lifting can change all that especially at an early age.

1. Increases Self confidence

The core of building inner confidence is a self belief u will lift a weight that seems way beyond your current capabilities.  Then working towards that number consistently and a committed manner over time that lofty number doesn’t seem so big. That is strength training in a nut shell.

When people start out most are weak. We all have to start somewhere. Lots of people are intimidated by gyms with the huge buffy guys. Neither are we all born to squat 200kg the first time we put a barbell on our back. They didn’t look that way when they started.

This alone should give u a massive boost in confidence once u put that into perspective. As your strength grows so does your confidence and that 200kg doesn’t seem so big. Same as in life this knowledge change your life if you knew that you just needed to apply yourself to a goal and eventually you’d reach it slowly but surely.

2. U learn Planning/Goal setting and discipline

Now planning ahead and making small goals then applying discipline to reach small goals such as 100/150/175/200 for example while learning about your own bodies mechanics seems a much safer option.
Now how would your life be if you could set goals, plan effectively for them and were able to prioritise your time to meet these goals? How much simpler, easier, and rewarding would life be?

3. Makes day to day life easier

When you’re strong and fit every day to day physical activity becomes much easier. Carrying heavy objects over distance is a breeze, and you start to look forward to moving that heavy sofa. Most of my gym members would not stand a week without lifting as they feel sluggish and so flat otherwise without any motivation.

4. Forces u to re-think your choices on drinking/drugs and other bad habits.

I don’t have a problem with people drinking. Its only when people drink in excess to cover up flaws in their empty life that i find it a problem. Why not channel all that energy into doing something more beneficial such as weight lifting?

I have always instilled into my members that the difference between them and a PB lift is the choices they make outside the gym in regards to food choices and drinking/smoking.
I have had chris who just recently quit drinking all together as it was starting to impact on his lifting as it was not moving up. Since he has given up drinking nearly every night his lifts have improved dramatically also his diet has improved heaps.
Sam who has friends that constantly smoke weed and drink at 17 years old are now doing nothing with their lives as they are constantly too wasted. Sam decided to do the opposite and channel all that spare time and energy into lifting in-stead. Smart mature kid i can see him going far in life if he keeps it up.

5. Over come your fears

Facing a PB lift for the first time its normal to be a bit intimidated or scared especially if you’re a beginner. As u stand under the bar and about to descend into the squat. Thoughts can get into your head about whether you are going to fail or make the PB lift.
Imagine u failed that PB? Do u give up and just say it was too hard OR do u pick yourself up and continue. Nobody at the gym has given up completely I will not allow it. Never let fear of something stop you from achieving a goal. Most of my members eventually get that PB sooner or later. The elevation of hitting that personal best is so much sweeter.
Now imagine this transferring to a 17 year old attending numerous job interviews he won’t get them all but if he keeps trying and overcomes his fears just like when he lifted in training. Eventually he would land a job.

6. Learn the value of working hard for something
Alot of lazy people will buy into this as they are too weak minded to actually do any hard work. Just like at the gym i have turned away people who have wanted quick fixes. No quick fixes are going to get you results. Your fat isn’t going to melt away by sitting in the sauna and your biceps aren’t going to puff up by standing under the hot showers. Everything you get, you have to earn.

7. U look good naked
Who doesn’t love a strong powerful physique and as a young adolescent it opens a whole new world with the opposite sex.

I try and pass the above to all my lifters regardless of age.
Strength training is more than just about weights.

Trent Nguyen
PTC Sydney

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