Member Spotlight - Gary "Screamer" Young

Age: 30

Where are you from: Sydney, Australia

What is your occupation:  Credit Risk Manager at CBA

Do you like Kebabs: Only if it has chilli sauce.  

What were your lifts when you started:  160 / 135 / 200  @ 73

What are your lifts now (Squat, Bench and Deadlift):  221 / 135 / 235 @ 75

Do you compete in lifting:  Just recently started.  I currently hold the Deadlift and Total records for the Senior 75kg weight class.

What is the most important thing you have learnt at PTC:
 Train insane for the gains. Lift with your heart and not your ego.

Why do you train at PTC:   Love the environment, equipment and the lack of machines. I love it how everyone helps one another to reach their goals.

How many curls can you do:
  I don't curl.  I bench press and deadlift to get that pump in my arms.

Where did you train before PTC:  Fitness First 

Why did you change from your previous gym:   Got sick of being told off for deadlifting too loud; sick of the bros curling in the squat rack; sick of the chicks doing bosu ball exercises in the squat rack; sick of people doing anything other than squatting in a squat rack!

Can you briefly describe your average daily meals: 
Breakfast: light breakfast, toast, juice, coffee;
lunch - previous night's cooking which is usually rice and meat + protein shake.  
Light dinner; fruit throughout the day.  I eat Nandos about twice a week.  Their Supremo burger is awesome for gains.

What do you do outside of PTC:  If I'm not working, I'm training; if I'm not training, I'm either at work or the missus is annoyed at me for lifting all the time.

What are your goals:  To get Strong as F$^#&

My long term goals are:
Total Elite before mid 2014.

Short term goals:
 Total Master by Nationals in June 13.

If you didn’t spend all your time at PTC, you would be:  Fighting the bros and cardio bunnies for the squat rack at Fitness First.

Name one thing you would add/subtract/change about PTC:  Would be perfect if the gym was located closer to where I live so I didn't have to drive 40+ mins each way.

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