Fast Track your strength gains

When Stefan Pizzardi joined PTC i had him have a quick chat about his past training history as we do all new members. He was a fairly tall 6’3 large framed male with a Blonde afro sitting in my office.

I asked what his previous lifts were.
He told me he had been training for over 7 months prior and they were 170/90/230 in a full meet at a bodyweight of 114kg. His bench and squat had not moved as much since.

He said he wanted to compete at the highest level while still obtaining records as a junior in PA.

The first few weeks were spent fixing up that good morning he called a squat. Loads of Rows and front squats later.....

Below are his lifts in the 9 months he has been at PTC.

1. Late Feb 2013 comp 170/90/230@114.4 PRIOR to joining PTC.
2. 5 months later at the PA his and hers meet in August 222.5/117.5/265 (115kg total INCREASE)
3. IPF Commonweath and Oceania Powerlifting Championships December 2013
(262.5, 122.5/272.5 – 168kg in 9 months)

Achievements: Representing Australia taking home gold and silver in his respective division along with breaking Numerous national records along the way.
He remained relatively injury free during this period as well. Quick progress often leads to injuries if other factors are overlooked.

No gimmicks, PHDs in lifting or banded SSB good mornings with chains were involved in this progress. A straight bar and adding weights each week to it. Loads of cookies were involved in the making.
A Strong focus on technique and good Simple programming with alot of hard work by Stefan. That kind of progression is typical at PTC.

Come train at PTC in 2014 and fast track your strength gains.

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