Online Coaching Results : Gabrielle Snowdon

Gabrielle Snowdon competed at last years PTC novice comp and hadn't really been powerlifting properly since. She was coached and trained mostly at commercial gyms.

She lives 40min from the gym and it wasnt feasible to join PTC Sydney with work and other committments.

4 weeks ago she asked if PTC could do an online programming with her as she had lost direction and she wanted back into powerlifting and just to get strong again.

Her results after 4 weeks of a 10 week program are as below.
Preferably she would have maxes out at 10 weeks but a long holiday was on the cards so i decided to have her max out to take advantage of the post max deload.

Results were after 4 weeks: before (after)

S: 82.5 (90)
B: 50 (57.5)
D: 110 (120)
T: 242.5 (267.5)

If you are interested about online coaching please contact us.

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