ProRaw 6 update

What an incredible weekend of lifting overall at Prorawsix.

Firstly a a huge thank you to markos and Emad along with the team at Ptc Headquarters for putting up what was one of the most exciting and comps in Australian powerlifting

We bought down a small team of 3 females for this years event.

First off was Milia Cav
With 10 weeks to prep for this comp and a last minute decision to enter.
She didn’t have a greatest prep and a decision was made to have her do 3 condensed training days due to her being away from the gym for 2 weeks of prac. She has always trained 4 day previously. She still managed a pb on her bench and deadlift. 135/70/160. Well done.

Squat - 135

Milia 70kg bench

Milia – 160kg deadlift

Secondly – Chloe Wearing
This was probably Chloes best comp prep to date. She did everything right and more. Exceeding expectations. She only started in the sport 8 months ago. Her last comp was at GPC nats.
Her progress has been exceptional. Big thanks to Dimitrios from PTC Sydenham where she trains out of now for the hands on coaching especially with her bench and sumo.
There was a mishap with the squat at the comp and we had to make adjustments for her second attempt.

Squat 122.5

87.5kg Bench (5kg comp pb) She has never hit that in training. Most was 85 tng.

145kg Deadlift. (25kg comp pb).

Finally Amanda Price
This comp marks 18 months since she joined the gym. Having gone from being a bit hesitant to compete to now embracing it. She had a mixed prep due to her having some old niggling shoulder injuries. She placed third overall with a 417.5kg total. Her previous best was 385 at GPC Nats. The main goal was to go around 420. This was a very good result.
Well done Amanda. You have done the gym proud.

Amanda - 180/72.5/165 (417.5)
And coming 3rd in the over 70kg women.

Amanda Price 180kg

Amanda 72.5kg Bench

Congratulations to all the girls. Time to get stronger for push/pull and GPC states next year.