GPC Nsw State Titles 2015

Today was the Final day of the GPC NSW state titles 2015.

A few words of thanks before i go into the competition itself.

First off i would like to thank all the lifters and spectators whom participated in this event over the 2 days.

A very big thank you to all the spotter/loaders and officials whom helped out at this event. It is great to have such passionate people involved in the running of this.

Now a summary of the competition.

- 27 lifters competed.
- 7 x 600 plus totals
- 5x 700 plus totals
- 1x 845 total at 102.7kg

75kg Category
Gold - Daniel Menz
Silver - Rob Collison

90kg Category
Gold - Saxby Morley
Silver - Benjamin Wright
Bronze - Adrian Ng

100kg Category
Gold - Dylan Smouha
Silver - Kelvin Sebial Naumanen
Bronze - Tim Wise

110kg Category
Gold - Alex Lowe
Silver - Toddy Whitelock
Bronze - Paulo Goncalves

125kg Category
Gold - Rhyss Keane
Silver - Trent T-Rex Graw
Bronze - Will Hunt

140kg Category
Gold - Mark D Andersen
Silver - Andrew Hargreaves
Bronze - Salevasa Samataua

Overall winner was
Alex lowe - 486.09 Gloss

We are going through the national record attempts and will submit these ASAP.

Please check on our website Or on social media about the upcoming qualifiers. This is another chance for anybody whom missed out to qualify for GPC Nationals in may.


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