Member showcase - Gene

Everyone, meet Gene.
Gene has been training with me since January. He came to me at 152kg with a 52" waist to match. He was also experiencing high blood pressure and arthritis.

Today, Gene is sitting at 133kg with a 42" waist. We haven't tried anything unconventional– he isn't on minimal calories, and doesn't do endless amounts of cardio. In fact, I'm constantly telling him to eat more... but to mindfully make better food choices and to be consistent. This type of approach doesn't see the usual weight-rebound than your typical fad diet. It's safer, more sustainable and it allows clients to still enjoy everyday life whilst learning about nutrition throughout the process. Sure, it will take longer, but fast results aren't always the most optimal results.

Gene's lifts in his initial assessment were,
Squat: 40.0kg
Bench: 40.0kg
Deadlift: 60.0kg

His current lifts this past week were,
Squat: 125.0kg for 4 x 5.
Bench: 77.5kg for 4 x 5.
Deadlift: 155.0kg for 3 x 4.

This is a massive improvement, and just proves that you can lose fat, build muscle mass and get stronger simultaneously.

Gene has also just registered for his first powerlifting competition which will be held in 12 weeks time. On that day, he will be even leaner and stronger than now.

Goal setting has played a huge part in Gene's success. He doesn't come to the gym thinking "I'm here to burn calories and sweat away some fat", instead he is training towards a goal. He wants to get stronger. He wants to improve his body composition. We implemented this mentality from the start. This approach has him looking forward to training sessions, and I can see that he is eager to hit new personal records.

We still have a long way to go, and it will take time, hard work and consistency to get there but I have absolutely no doubt that he has the determination to meet and exceed his goals. I can't wait to see his progress in another 5-6 months time.

Ben Wright
Resident Coach