4 of our best Strongman Qualified for the Arnolds 2017!

Massive congrats to our 3 Heavyweight Strongmen Sean Bundy, Troy Conley and Strongman Coach Stuart Coulter, Also included is Jacob Rasmussen in the under 90kg category who have all qualified for the Arnold Classic in Melbourne next month.

Sean has been lifting and competing for 2 years now with the last 12months or so in Australia after moving over from the U.K. Since the move his lifts have grown consistently including a recent 300kg axle deadlift at Static Monsters and winning PTC Macarthur's Dawn of the Barbarian's competition.

Troy has chased after this comp since before it was even the Arnold when it was previously FIT X, having worked his weigh up in weight divisions and strength over the last 3.5 years, this experienced competitor is looking forward to the challenge ahead, with a strong overhead and all round passion for the sport hat's second to none we expect big things and the rarely seen deadlift donkey kick.

Stuart has been with us for a fair few years now and is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced strongmen in Australia, a star in athletics in his younger days and a dominate force in all Strongman comps so far including a 5th place at Australia's Strongest Man in 2014.

Jacob has been with us for numerous years now and recently started training again after the birth of his baby girl. We have watched as he trimmed down and recomped his BW back to be stronger than ever. Dominating the competition in the under 90kg category.

The events include:

Log Lift Medley starting at 130kg
Deadlift Medley with 340kg Frame, 330kg Axle, 300kg off the floor
Rising Yoke starting from 400kg for 15mtrs
Stone Series 160kg up to 200kg

We'd like to wish the boys the best of luck as they train their backsides off towards this one, they're already 2 weeks into one of the most mental 8 week blocks we have seen

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