Age is just a number - Rosemary

55 year old Rosemary smashing her old Pb of 80kg with this 90kg x5s (previous sets were 85 and 87.5x5)

She will be competing at her first ever comp at GPC ACT State Titles in April where she will be on her war to smash 4 national masters records.

Here is what she had to say about the prep so far and how her experience so far with us.

@Regrann from @rose_seery - Week 5 of Competition preparation .. #squat night. Trying out my comp suit and for now on Squat training is with my coach Trent @miyagistrength @ptcsydney to learn and get comfortable with this squat rack.
Just love it when my coach says 'Some surprise weights for you'

Tonight a PB at 90kgs (198lbs) x 5. A slight break after 3 reps due to a misunderstanding on reps but it was straight back into it for the last 2.
Regardless of whether I stopped or not, what I love about this video is how relaxed I am. There was no fear with going back under the bar for the last 2.
3 months ago I was having so much trouble with my squats, due to shoulder injury and shoulder mobility. I have been working hard with mobility exercises and building strength in my shoulders. Trent has been fantastic with the programming and working with my shoulder. 3 months ago I would never had thought that I would do 90kg full range squats for 5. So happy with tonight's squats. Tonight's workout. Low bar squats, high bar squats, block sumo deadlifts, RDLs and yes Trent I did the planks when I got home.
Time for a stretch..


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