Why seek coaching when there is so much free information out there?

Way too often we have new clients come in who have tried to start strength training by watching youtube or taught from trainers who do not specialise in the big three.

With the huge amount of information out there now it can be overwhelming for a complete beginner. Basic things such as bracing and lat tightness, head positioning might be overlooked.
We live along the philosophy of learning to move a lift in an safe and efficient manner FIRST before adding any more weight on the bar.

Below we have Caitlyn who recently started with our online coaching due to living 2 hours away.

On the left is 65kg prior self taught. On the right is after 30 min with us and a 70kg Pb.

If you're keen to get into strength training and or need an technical assessment, we are here to help.

Trent NguyenComment