Trent Nguyen (Director/Coach)

Trent opened PTC Sydney with a passion about lifting and doing away with all the smoke and mirrors associated with commercial gyms. Getting back to the basics of what going to the gym really means.

He has strength coached national and world champions in powerlifting, BJJ, NBL, A-league, Gridiron, Various Martial arts, cheer leaders among other sports, With over 10 years of coaching at the highest level.

Trent practices what he preaches as he currently competes at national level in Powerlifting having held numerous national and world titles in the 75kg class.

Area of expertise and certifications includes:

Laura Grava (Coach/Group Class)

Has competed at national level inseveral strongman competitions and in more recent years, a few novice and sanctioned Powerlifting competitions. She is currently training for “Spring Cup” in late October.

Laura has worked as a fitness instructor at a few gyms within the Sydney area and is now available for 1 on 1 or group sessions at PTC Sydney.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
  • Strength and Conditioning 1 on 1
  • Strength programming
  • Metabolic improvements
  • Group Strength and conditioning classes

Laura can be contacted on:

Bookings can be made here