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PTC Sydney is the #1 Strength and Conditioning Gym in Sydney. PTC is open for EVERYONE, you will notice there are no mirrors or treadmills in the gym. Just hard work, proven methods and consistency to obtain results.

A great turnout for the annual NSW state titles held at PTC sydney.
34  competitors from around the state breaking PRs and some smashing national records.

GPC NSW State title results



Congratulations to the following PTC members on obtaining

** 3 x National Records for Broanne Huynh - Junior 52kg Category (set)
Squat - 70kg
Bench - 37.5kg
Total - 182.5kg

** 1 x National Records for Lovedarling Patricia - Junior 52kg Category (set)
Deadlift - 85kg

** 3 x National Records for Rachael Fisher - Junior 60kg Category (Broke)
Squat - 67.5kg
Deadlift - 100kg
Total - 207.5kg

** 3x National Records for Deborah Chen - Senior 52kg Category (Broke)
Squat - 100kg
Deadlift - 95kg
Total - 242.5kg

** 3 x National Records for Gary Young - Senior 75kg Category (broke)
Squat - 221kg
Deadlift - 235kg
Total - 585kg

1 x National Record for Gary Young - Open Mens 75kg Category (broke)
Squat - 221kg

** 2 x national Records Andrew Morelli -
Senior and Open Mens 90kg Category
Bench - 158.5kg



GPC NSW April 2012 results

Great turnout for the novice comp.

37 ifters in total.

Some very strong lifts overall

WInners as below
1. Peter Luc
2. Shane Greenwood
3. Richard chi

(special mention to Paul Cassar whom won but was happy to give up his first place trophy. He had a 705 total@110

Womens -
1. Alicia Parker
2. Josie Gray (2 points behind winner)
3. Tjana Ishter

I would like to thank all the helpers judges spotters and loaders for this even. Without you we could not hold comps.

redemption results


 Redemption 3 results

Redemption 3 results


The gym was packed to capacity with over 60 people coming and going to the gym at times. Double the turnout of competitors from last years comp at the old gym.

Breakdown -
23 lifters. Majority complete novices to powerlifting.
3 females/20 males.

Ages ranging fom 14-37
70kg-285kg Deadlifts

I would like to thank everybody for coming to this event and supporting this growing sport.

Special thanks to the spotters/loaders and judges without them helping out this would not have been possible

- Trent

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A great turnout for todays with 27 lifters competing. The first comp in 2014 to get things going.

Womens results:

1st - Milia Cavallaro
2nd - Emma Robertson
3rd - Margarito Iarigo

Mens Results:

1st - Tommy Khoury
2nd - Adrian Lu
3rd - Phillip Hoang


- First off I would like to thank all the spotters/loaders/judges and table runners for everything. Without yourselves comps like this would not be possible Lovedarling Patricia Christopher Mooney Deborah ChenDaniel Menz Jono Chu Adam Fullgrabe Jacob Anderson Andrew Hargreaves Luke Woolnough Ryan McGuffin Sorry if i missed anybody you know whom you are.

- Thanks to Alex Lowe for giving us an exhibit of world class lifting with openers of 300/200/300 and helping out with the judging.

It was great to see so many lifters PB and enjoy competing.


PTC Sydney Tenacity - Final Results

It was a good turnout for the first 3 lift comp for this year. Lots of new lifters stepping up the the plate and giving PL a go.

Breakdown -
15 lifters. 13 complete Novices to powerlifting
2 females/13 males.

Weights ranging from
 40kg-250kg Deadlifts

I would like to thank everybody for coming to this event and supporting this growing sport.

Special thanks to the spotters/loaders and judges without them helping out this would not have been possible

- Trent

Small turnout for the 2013 NSW leg of the push pull.

Results below. Several national records were set or broken.


GPC Sydney Cup 2015 Results

First up the I would like to thank all the spotters/loaders and officials that volunteered and helped to make this competition happen.

We had 39 lifters compete in what was a exciting day.

- 3 Females totalled over 350 with one over 400

- 9 Males totaled over 600
- 3 over 700
- 2 over 800.

Notable mentions include
1. Luke shakespeare enters the Australian All Time All Feds 100kg class at number 4 with a 842.5kg total
2. Cory Burrows takes top spot in the Australian All Time All Fed 125kg class with a 885.

Finally big thanks for Will Hunt and his team of 8 lifters from the Nemesis Powerlifting team.
Irina Musat for her help in reffing all flights and lifts throughout the day. Very good reffing.

Our next sanctioned GPC comp will be the push/pull on Sunday 6th December. Registration forms are up on the PTC sydney website.



Breakdown -
 15 lifters. A mixture of complete beginners to seasoned lifters.
 4 females/11 males.

I would like to thank everybody for coming to this event and supporting this growing sport.

Special thanks to the spotters/loaders and judges without them helping out this would not have been possible

- Trent

SPA DAY - 05/12/11

SPA DAY #2 - 14/03/12

The Fortitude Novice comp has been done and dusted.

38 Lifters out of 50 paid competitors competed a the event which ran for 4.5 hours.

We had a ful flight of females compete which is now becoming more frequent and exciting to see.

Every comp now i see more and more strong lifters coming out of the shadows and do their first ever competition.

ALL who finally compete find that its a great and fun experience.

I would Like to thank all the lifters and spectators who attened this event. Without you we would not be holding these events.

Last but not least. I would like to thank my proffessional team of spotter/loaders/officials who give up their Sundays to help.
You know who you are

Why not try our sanctioned GPC federation comps which are run in the same way as the novice comps just with a few small chages in rules.

— at PTC Sydney.

Winter novice comp 2016 results

We had 63 people paid for this comp but on the day only 50 turned up to lift. This isn’t usual as injuries and other commitments can pop up.

The comp started at 10am with the first lifter and finished just before 5pm, This included small breaks in between.

We would like to thank everybody that competed and hoped that the event was run smoothly.

Thanks to My fitness kitchn on the day who gave up their time to provide the spectators, lifters and our comp officials with such great food, along with two winners with prize packs of free meals. Hit them up if you want freshly cooked pre-packed calorie controlled meals

Last but not least our team of spotters/loaders and officials that without them, these comps would not happen

Our next competition will be GPC Sydney Cup on 23/10/16(10 spots left)
And then the redemption novice comp 20/11/16 (20 spots left)

My Fitness Kitchn
Activ Therapy Lidcombe
Loaded Lifting


Novice Winter Comp 2016 Results.jpg


PTC Sydney

Published by Trent Nguyen

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We had 49 lifters compete at the annual redemption novice comp.
13 females and 46 males. Although originally we had 75 paid up it was still a great turnout.

5 years ago it wasnt common to see so many new female lifters at novice comps squat over 100kg.
At this comp every single one of the girls squatted over 100 in sleeves. This a great trend to see!.

Our eldest competitor was 62 while our youngest was 21.
Just goes to show you this sport is for everyone.

Thank you to all the competitors and spectators for attending this event. Its great to see such a big turnout.

Big thanks to the team at My Fitness Kitchn for providing everybody with nutritious food.

Last but not least i would like to thank all the Comp officials and helpers on the day to make the event what it was. We also got the chance to trial more GPC refs. We started at 10:30am first lifter and finished at 445pm.

If you are interested in helping out at future comps or want to get more involved and grow the sport please contact us

We have 2 future comps coming up. More details at under comps.

1. GPC Push/Pull on 4th december
2. Fortitude Novice Comp January 22nd 2017 (spots limited to 45. 10 have been paid for)

Results attached. Tag and share with everybody interested. Order is sorted by highest score downwards.

Results to print out Redemption.jpg