The Fortitude Novice comp has been done and dusted.

38 Lifters out of 50 paid competitors competed a the event which ran for 4.5 hours.

We had a ful flight of females compete which is now becoming more frequent and exciting to see.

Every comp now i see more and more strong lifters coming out of the shadows and do their first ever competition.

ALL who finally compete find that its a great and fun experience.

I would Like to thank all the lifters and spectators who attened this event. Without you we would not be holding these events.

Last but not least. I would like to thank my proffessional team of spotter/loaders/officials who give up their Sundays to help.
You know who you are

Why not try our sanctioned GPC federation comps which are run in the same way as the novice comps just with a few small chages in rules.

— at PTC Sydney.