GPC Sydney Cup 2015 Results

First up the I would like to thank all the spotters/loaders and officials that volunteered and helped to make this competition happen.

We had 39 lifters compete in what was a exciting day.

- 3 Females totalled over 350 with one over 400

- 9 Males totaled over 600
- 3 over 700
- 2 over 800.

Notable mentions include
1. Luke shakespeare enters the Australian All Time All Feds 100kg class at number 4 with a 842.5kg total
2. Cory Burrows takes top spot in the Australian All Time All Fed 125kg class with a 885.

Finally big thanks for Will Hunt and his team of 8 lifters from the Nemesis Powerlifting team.
Irina Musat for her help in reffing all flights and lifts throughout the day. Very good reffing.

Our next sanctioned GPC comp will be the push/pull on Sunday 6th December. Registration forms are up on the PTC sydney website.