Online Coaching

Online Coaching for Powerlifting - $25/week
Coaching plan can be tailored for any goal, with a key technical focus on the 3 main lifts. Throughout the process, you will be provided with the guidance and tools required to make the most progress possible. The process is made educational, so you are well equipped to apply new skills and knowledge to your training post-coaching.

This includes weekly written programs, weekly feedbacks critiquing your form based on your videos and and support guidance for competition, including attempt selection (based on availability).

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All the benefits of coaching online (Some of our client results)

Esther approached us 8 weeks ago about online coaching.

She had lost confidence in her squats and deadlifts.
Esther die her last competition at the NSW state titles in 2013.
She is 47 years young and only started recently taking powerlifting more seriously. She beat girls over half her age with a 100/80/130@65kg body weight (unwrapped) and won the competition over 14 females.

We watched old videos of her lifts back then and quickly changed her technique and worked on fixes with mobility. To make her lifting more fluid.

Below are the results and comparison between her 70kg and her recent 100kg squat. She also increased her deadlift from 100kg to 130kg

Esther testimonial

Ethan Online Client Testimonal. (Yixuan Tan on facebook)

I picked up powerlifting about 5 months ago, and for the past 2 months I've doing online coaching with Trent. I've got nothing but good things to say about it.

I started out with Trent after a novice comp at PTC Sydney some time in Nov last year. During our first meeting he was friendly and professional, easily picking out mistakes with my 3 lifts and correcting them (DLs now feel so much easier). What stuck with me was that after the lifting, he sat down with me for an hour, just dedicating that time to go through my new programming and diet with me, going through every little single detail. Even during his busy comp dates he makes sure to catch up with me after the comp is over. I think it's hard to find that dedication anywhere else.

At the novice comp my numbers were 140/90/170 @85kg, and in the last 2 months I've managed to build it up to 160/92.5/190 @90kg; Trent's programming clearly works.

One of the best things about being his online student is that he is SO easily accessible. I can be in a gym without a leg press machine, ask him what substitute exercise I can do and get a reply within seconds so I can continue with my workout. Throughout the course of my programmes he's always been there to watch my form on videos and answer any questions. We all get coaches for the wealth of information they have at their disposal (which Trent has in tons), and Trent making himself so easily accessible is the icing on top of the cake.

I am looking forward to bigger and better things in 2015 and I'm sure PTC's online coaching will push me further than I thought was possible.

Online Client - Gemma Lefrost
Age - 23
Occupation - Health and safety instructor

Gemma @gemlaforest approached us 6 months ago about training for strength. She used to be an avid runner, but injuries to her Achilles and knees flared up right after running.

She also had a back injury which caused sciatic nerve pain whenever she would deadlift.

One of our coaches had a 1on1 coaching session to assess her situation and program around the injuries while still allowing her to get stronger.

Her diet was also adjusted. We had her pull sumo for a few weeks until, her general mobility and rehab could help correct some of the issues.

She now squats 105 - bench 65 - deadlifts 110@58kg through online coaching.

Name - Emanuel Cosma
Age - 33
Occupation - Sales Manager

Emanuel is a very budy family man with 2 small children so he had very limited time to get to a gy and train, along with this his work requires him to travel.
He approached one of our coaches about online training but was hesistant at first as the industry had an abundance of coaches.

Here is his testimonial after a few weeks with head coach Trent.