PTC Sydney Sponsored Athlete 2015 - Amanda Price

Just over 2 years ago Amanda walked into the gym and wanted to start lifting. She had only ever done cardio previously.
Her initial 3 rep max technique session was 60/40/120

She had a metal block of squatting anywhere near 100kg and would just give up. Her first comp she sat at the bottom with 90kg.

Eventually she broke past the 100kg mental barrier.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year and a non lifting related surgery stopped her progress for 3 months.

She was back into it and never gave up and eventually squatted 200kg at GPC nationals in may this year.

She follows everything as asked in training and doesnt do stupid shit to break programming.

This resulted recently in a 230/92.5/215 and 3rd place at proraw 7.

Along with and the #1 spot in the All-time Australian 90+kg weight category and the 3rd biggest Australian female total ever at 537.5kg.

As a coach I share a lot of my lifters trials and tribulations in and also out of the gym. We see each other 15-20 hours a week due to the grueling training sessions.

I watch as they mature as a lifter and see them grow with confidence at each comp. Overcoming obstacles and setbacks to achieve long term goals.

She is also at every competition at PTC and helping out others wherever she is needed. The first to volunteer when asked.

Amanda represents what the gym is all about. Hard work and helping others.

Congratulations to Amanda on being the gyms first Female sponsored athlete.

With this all her future gym memberships and comp entry fees are waived and paid for.


330kg squat

PTC Sydney Sponsored Athlete 2015 - Andrew Hargreaves

Some people might have different ideas on what a sponsored athlete criteria should be.

To be a sponsored athlete at one of the strongest gyms in Sydney takes more than just being the strongest amongst the strong. There will always be stronger.

Andrew Hargreaves joined the gym in late January 2014 with no prior lifting experience. An 810 total is his current best.

Beside a big total is his awesome personality and the way he inspires others at the gym to achieve their goals.

He is one of the first to put his hands to help other members regardless of their lifting level and background.

One of the first to help out at comps and give up his spare time for the betterment of the gym.

Minds his own business and gets the job done.

In my opinion pretty much well liked by everybody at the gym and outside it.

He represents what the gym is.

I am very happy to announce Andrew Hargreaves as a PTC Sydney sponsored athlete.

As part of being a sponsored athlete.  

He receives

1. Free membership to the gym
2. All comp entry paid for
3. GPC membership paid for
4. Gym apparel
5. Part of his travel paid for

Congratulations big fella.




PTC Sydney Sponsored Athlete 2014 - Ben Simpson

Towards the end of October 2013 a rather large male came into the gym with no signs of a visible neck. His name was Ben Simpson and shook my hand with what i would describe as bear hands.

He said he needed to train at a gym with strongman equipment as sometimes the house he trained at washed out.

Ben had only been in strongman competitions for little over a year now and had won nearly every major competition he entered and was crowned Sydney's strongest man/NSW strongest man.

I still remember him telling me "Hey Trent want to see a 340kg Romanian Deadlift?"
I thought he was joking. Sure enough he pulled an easy 340kg with all rhomboids and hammies. Mind you with the straightest lumbar I have seen ever. Amazing!!

From that day i nicknamed him affectionately "Stiffmeister".

"Ben has been a great asset and an inspiration to the rest of the guys in the gym. The intensity in which he trains and the knowledge he has provided for the up and coming strength athletes across the gym has been richly rewarding. He has helped coach a fair few young new males wanting to get into strongman."

In January i mentioned i would pay his comp entry fee to enter the ASM whether he won or not. I like to repay members whom have selflessly helped out.

He won the title of Australia's strongest man with a very competitive field.
There was only a few points separating the top 3. It didn’t really surprise me to be honest.

The man is a work horse (literally). He would be in at 11am on a Saturday doing event training till just after 3pm on a regular basis. Im talking 300kg yoke walks and 170kg stone loads onto the platform among other things.

It is with great pleasure that i announce Ben Simpson as a PTC Sydney SPONSORED ATHLETE for 2014.

Giving athletes 10% discount on supps is all well and good but giving them cash as they represent is even better.

1. Ben receives free membership at PTC
2. All his future comp entry fees paid for
3. If He has plans to go to giants live next year.  A portion of this will be subsidized and paid for by the gym.

Check out the highlights of him competing at the ASM 2014 above.