PTC Sydney Beginners - getting it right from the beginning

So often we have people mentioning they need to get stronger to join PTC.

The truth is we encourage beginners to seek out our gym as we cater for ALL levels of lifting.
So often we see beginners trying to lift from watching youtube videos and end up hurting themselves.

The problem with youtube videos is that there is no real time contact/feedback from an experienced coach to correct small technical errors. A lot of the information also can get lost in confusion due to an overload of information.

Starting out as a beginner with good habits from day one will lead to a longer lifting journey with less major injuries and more consistent progression.

We all have to START somewhere. The Majority of our members come started with a barbell from day 1. Some just with bodyweight squats if its their first time.

Here are some of our recent beginners below.

AGE: 20
Occupation: Student
Years of lifting: NONE
Goals: Get stronger and put on some size.

Jess had never been to a gym before and joined PTC to get stronger and put on size.
He weighs sub 65kg and 173cm tall.

We had him starting with bodyweight squats to sort out his breathing/foot positioning and address any prior injuries or imbalances. Then after 40min he squatted 60kg for reps.


Name: Matthew Cuneen
Age: 30
Occupation: Bus driver
Lifting experience when joined: NONE

Matthew squats 100kg after a year of joining ptc. He works as a bus driver and as u expect sits a lot. This leads to issues in lower body mobility. Hip flexors/quads lower back issues over time.
We dont care how long it takes for somebody to hit goals as long as they are consistent towards their goals.

Name: Anny Attella
Age: 24
Occupation: Office Worker
Years of lifting since joining PTC: 4 months

She started out with 40x5kg squats and then managed 92.5kg recently all raw after 4 months. Her natural ability to squat comes from her other sport of pole dancing. Where the use of core and leg strength is much needed.

Name: Sal Jalaty
Age: 25
Occupation: IT Management
Years of lifting since joining PTC: 2 years

Sal joined the gym from with a previous athletic history of playing top grade football. After several knee injuries he gave up the sport and decided to look into lifting. We had to adjust his training to work around the injury while still helping him with the rehab.

Here he is squatting from a kettlebell to 120kgx3 reps in 4 weeks. We have worked with numerous injured athletes to get them back on their feet. Having an injury does not mean you should stop your training.