A great turnout for todays with 27 lifters competing. The first comp in 2014 to get things going.

Womens results:

1st - Milia Cavallaro
2nd - Emma Robertson
3rd - Margarito Iarigo

Mens Results:

1st - Tommy Khoury
2nd - Adrian Lu
3rd - Phillip Hoang


- First off I would like to thank all the spotters/loaders/judges and table runners for everything. Without yourselves comps like this would not be possible Lovedarling Patricia Christopher Mooney Deborah ChenDaniel Menz Jono Chu Adam Fullgrabe Jacob Anderson Andrew Hargreaves Luke Woolnough Ryan McGuffin Sorry if i missed anybody you know whom you are.

- Thanks to Alex Lowe for giving us an exhibit of world class lifting with openers of 300/200/300 and helping out with the judging.

It was great to see so many lifters PB and enjoy competing.


PTC Sydney Tenacity - Final Results