PTC is a stronghold in the Australian Powerlifting scene. The Sydney team has male and female members who hold state and national titles and records. PTC Sydney offers a specific Powerlifting coaching program that covers people interested in starting out in the sport or seasoned professionals looking to take that next step.


PTC Sydney understands not all people have the time or even want to be high level athletes. Some people just want to be a bit fitter, improve their body composition and live a healthier life. This program is practical, simple and achievable. It is designed for people of all ages and changes every six weeks. It provides straight-forward advice and guidance on diet and nutrition, proper form and technique and how to adjust your training if your schedule changes due to work, study or family commitments.


The Sport Specific Athlete Development program has three levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. These programs are designed to translate smart training in the gym to high performance and great results in your sporting arena. These programs will be personalised based on the sport you play and what attributes are needed to optimise your performance. 

  • The Beginner program suits teenagers and anyone looking to start playing a specific sport of who plays a social sport.
  • The Intermediate program is designed for people in their teens, 20s and 30s who play competitive amateur sports or who are looking to make representative teams.  
  • The Advanced program is for athletes in representative teams, athletes looking to turn professional and existing professionals looking to improve their performance.


PTC Sydney coach members of and people looking to join the Emergency Services (Police, Fire & Rescue or Ambulance / Paramedics) and the Defence Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy)  . This program is highly functional to suit the requirements of the job and your duties. It will improve your general fitness, your strength, speed and endurance to ensure you can perform optimally while on duty. This program takes into account the fitness requirements for entry and active service for all the Services and will also cover your nutritional needs and personal goals.


At PTC Sydney we create programs for and coach Males and Females in their 40s, 50s, 60s and up who are thinking about or currently participating in a sporting competition. This will include customised training programs, diet, nutrition and supplementation personalised for your needs. Whether you are in a social competition and looking for some extra fitness and injury prevention or a competitive athlete looking to push your boundaries and achieve your goals, this program caters to your needs.